It's official!

Our Name is Changing

After a decade of calling ourselves Royal, we have decided to drop all the pomp and circumstance, and a number of antiquated business formalities in favor of a name that more accurately reflects our values.

We are an organization that humbly serves investors and communities through the development of unique places and spaces designed for people to gather together and enjoy life. From today forward we will refer to ourselves as Altis Capital.

We hope you will too.

Altis was a place made for living — a Greek sanctuary that drew people together from diverse places all over the world. It was bustling with competition, commerce and camaraderie. Like Altis, our hope is that in the next decade, Altis Capital will similarly draw millions of dollars of investment to its developments, millions of people to its places, and millions of new opportunities to the communities where we work.

Altis Capital is retaining it’s formal crown in the near term but anticipate a new crown mark along with launch of the Altis Capital website planned for later this year.

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