Our Name is Changing.

About Us

Our Focus Is On People

We engage business and community stakeholders in every endeavor.

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Our Mission

Invest, develop, and manage real estate assets to deliver value, improve quality of life  
and foster community in spaces uniquely designed for gathering.

Our Values

Our BUILDER values focus on the human side of real estate development. We emphasize the importance of people in our work — it’s what sets Royal Capital Group apart from other brands.


Betterment. We strive to become more, and add more value to every person associated with our work. We want to better our clients, investors, employees and people living in every community where we work.


We strive to have one-of-a-kind, unparalleled qualities as both an organization and in the work we deliver. We hope everyone working with us enjoys our unique human-centered methodology.


We strive to be pioneers who create innovative spaces not yet seen or experienced. We embrace opportunities to deliver progressive and leading-edge concepts.


We strive to lead and guide the efforts of people involved in our work and maximize our efforts towards the achievement of a shared goal, or desired outcome.


We strive to foster cultural, organizational, and knowledge diversity to ensure we bring well-rounded teams and perspectives to all our developments.


We endeavor to deliver quality spaces that are well-received by the people for whom they are created.


We strive to maintain positive relationships by and between all our stakeholders and to have those relationships extend well beyond our engagements.

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About Us
Royal Capital Group is a privately held, full-service real estate development group.

Our Altis Capital Development team has over 50 years of combined experience in real estate investment, development and management. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the US real estate market enabling us to source on and off-market investment opportunities. Altis Capital  executives and board members have been involved in more than $2.5 billion dollars of real estate development in their careers.

Meet our Leadership Team

Mike Halupka

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mike is the company founder.

He leads the company’s senior executive team and is responsible for the overall vision, culture, operation, growth, and investment performance of the company.

He personally presides over the company’s investments and its investor relations practice. Over Mike’s 20+ year real estate investment career, he’s led a mix of residential, industrial, and commercial projects across a variety of industries and is personally responsible for raising more than $500M of his real estate investment portfolio. He's also successfully developed millions of square feet across the United States and abroad at every phase from funding and land acquisition to development and move-in and even the property management and operation of the investments.

In 2017, Mike and his wife, Lori, established the Halupka Family Foundation to give back and meaningfully improve the communities where Altis Capital is invested. They are active in other charitable organizations, as well, like Habitat for Humanity, Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome Foundation, Wounded Warrior, and Susan G. Komen, to name a few. Mike and Lori reside in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, and share three daughters together — Ashley, Kaitlynn, and Emma.

Shaun Francis

Chief Administration Officer

In Shaun’s 20+ year career, he’s worked for many well-recognized and respected companies managing all aspects of human resources (HR), its practices, and operations to meet the needs of continuously evolving organizations.

Shaun has strong HR domain expertise and considerable business acumen which he leverages to lead transformational activities, people programs and service delivery strategies, to improve organizational decision-making and approaches for managing talent to drive topped bottom line financials. He and his team oversee talent acquisition and retention data, workforce planning and resource productivity, labor relations and organizational design, among others.

Shaun's work over the years has included significant interactions with boards of directors at their earliest stages of growth and well beyond as they seek to establish or maintain themselves as leaders in industry. Shaun holds a Bachelor of Science of Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University. He is a Certified Mediator for Alternative Dispute Resolution and earned the certification of Six Sigma Black Belt.

Currently, Shaun and his wife Julie live together with their daughter Helaina and three dogs Rio, Charley, and Annabelle and in a suburb of Atlanta —John’s Creek, Georgia.

Melvin Meggs

Chief Marketing Officer

Melvin is an all-around Pro with extensive experience in sales, partnerships, strategic marketing, and business planning across a diverse range of real estate and investment services and distribution channels.

With his solid network of strategic partnerships and a client-first approach, Melvin delivers sales and marketing programs that result in wins for everyone — investors, developers, and communities. Melvin is also the owner of a successful lending organization, Triple M Brokers, where his company teams with both residential and commercial clients to help them achieve their personal and professional real estate goals.

In Melvin’s early career he played football in the National Football League — first with the Kansas City Chiefs and then the San Diego Chargers. During his time in the NFL, he not only learned the art of teamwork but the importance of building strategy and executing it every day in order to win personally, for his team, and for thousands of invested fans.

Melvin graduated from the University of South Alabama with a BS in Business Administration (with a concentration in HR) and played on the South Alabama Jaguar’s offensive line. Currently, Melvin lives in Spanish Fort, Alabama with his wife Katelyn and son Kai, and their dog cavalier King Charles, Winston.

Kelly Rader-Murphy

Chief Digital Officer

Kelly is a digital pioneer with 20+ years experience establishing digital brand visions, unifying organizations around digital possibilities, leading digital investments, and energizing companies around technology and design solutions that succinctly solve business problems — at scale.

She is an effective leader who fosters inclusivity, innovation and delivers technology solutions even in the most challenging of circumstances or environments from startup organizations to Fortune 100. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Information and Operations Management from Texas A&M University, along with numerous professional accreditations and certifications (HFI CUA, PSM, PSMI, CXL, …).

Kelly and her teams’ work have won number awards over the years including recognition of apps in the Apple Hall of Fame, recognition of experiences with Oracle B2B Experience of the Year (2019/20) and several Addy awards for digital marketing programs. She and her husband Tom live in Frisco, Texas. They are blessed to have six children and are actively involved in their neighborhood and local communities.

Tom and Kelly volunteer at their local church, on their HOA social committee and for several not-for profits. They are also volunteer volleyball coaches for Fieldhouse USA where they coach several youth girls volleyballs teams in competitive volleyball leagues.

Jessica Kelly

Chief Finanical Officer

Jessica is tenured member of Altis Capital senior leadership working closely with the President and CEO to lead and oversee deals from initial inquiry to closing.

Jessica has decades of experience with underwriting, cash flow modeling, due diligence and legal compliances associated with residential and commercial real estate lending. She and her team expertly manage every aspect of business transactions from profitability analysis and market research to offer terms sheets and sales agreements, and more.

She builds strong relationships with stakeholders attorneys in preparing real estate documentation and is involved in all contract negotiations and due diligence. Jessica lives with her husband, Teddy and daughter Gracie in outskirts of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Averi Davis

Senior Director Operations

Averi is a seasoned professional with experience overseeing operating procedures across companies, developing and executing growth directives, and collaborating with HR leadership to create jobs, hire personnel, and oversee employee programs for training and evaluation.

She is also passionate about helping communities through the Halupka Family Foundation, overseeing its operations and events associated with the foundation. Averi holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Memphis.

Averi is a resident of the vibrant community of Memphis, Tennessee.

Jonathan Wells

Director of Strategy

Jonathan is one of the most recognizable names in sports and entertainment.

He played 5 years in the National Football League (NFL) and prior to that was a beloved running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes. After retiring from the NFL, Jonathan put his passion for business strategy into developing his own media company — J Wells Media Group and a new record label — Ground Up, which became one of Sony Music Entertainment’s most successful imprints, and in record time.

In his decade long career Jonathan has led strategic planning for many businesses advising not-for-profits, startups and tenured firms, positioning each one for high growth, performance and return on investment. In his role with Altis Capital , he drives the strategic interests of business development, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, and divestments, assessing each new venture as new opportunities arise.

Jonathan is also a man who’s invested in people. He has a heart for giving back and uses his personal brand and platform in support of several causes that are an integral part of Jonathan’s life and his eventual legacy. They include programs designed to help athletes and veterans tackle career transitions, career-ending injuries, and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Jonathan and his beautiful family reside in Houston, TX.

Hear from a Altis Capital  employee

“I was not looking for a job, I was looking for purpose and I found it at Royal Capital Group. Our team is positively impacting so many lives and making a difference
in communities.”

-Averi Davis