May 2, 2022

Designing Spaces for Better Human Experiences


Kelly Rader-Murphy

Connection, belonging and freedom are basic human needs. As pandemic restrictions loosen, society is ready to resume fulfilling their social need for connection with others. People are excited to start gathering with friends in public places, traveling to new places, eating out, attending live concerts, and exploring new ways to have fun and play.

Commerical Real Estate can play a critical role in helping society reemerge post-pandemic by thoughtfully designing spaces that improve  human experiences and their connection with one other. The best commercial real estate developers are

- taking time to research human needs and expectations and understand how human behaviors and attitudes have shifted after the pandemic.

- working with Architects to design venue experiences that exceed society's wants and desires.  

- engaging local leaders in every step of the development process to ensure the project stays aligned with the community's expectations.

Investors are also looking for CRE development projects associated with spaces that enable shared experiences tailor-made for people because great experiences drive sustained real estate value.

Altis Capital is committed to designing spaces for better human experiences. Our connections and good relationships with all development stakeholders ensures we develop places and spaces people seek out, show off and revisit again and again.


Company News

CRE sales growth in the United States through Q1 has increased almost 50% percent over the prior year (2021) according to MSCI — with Retail and Hotel categories driving the highest double-digit growth. Take a moment to review Altis Capital's many retail, hotel and entertainment projects underway in the United States.

At Altis Capital, we invest a great deal of time thinking about economic moat — specifically our business strategy, capital allocation (debt and equity), and leveraged tacit and explicit knowledge. These certainly serve to strengthen our brand's economic moat and are not easily imitable, but the two most strategic competitive advantages at the core of our economic moat are our focus on relationships and experience. People and their personal journey with our brand are our first priority.

Esports industry revenue is expected to eclipse $1.5 billion by 2023 and demand for spaces tailor-made for gamers is high. Investors are looking for opportunities to capitalize on the growth. Altis Capital is currently exploring opportunities to raise the bar for live esports experiences with great venues in the United States sure to exceed the wildest dreams of gathering gamers and their growing spectators.

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