May 9, 2022

Sustainable Economic Advantage in the Real Estate Business


Mike Halupka

An important aspect of any real estate business is identifying competitive advantage. Lots of companies find advantage but few are able to sustain an advantage no other business can replicate. Warren Buffet coined the phrase "economic moat", which means, "a distinct advantage a company has over its competitors that allows it to protect its market share and profitability".

Given the state of the highly competitive state of real estate investment and develop across the globe, typical competitive advantages in the industry like data or information advantages, operational efficiencies, and emplacement are really just table stakes. It takes far more to stand out from the crowd. Even competitive advantages like having local connections, possessing strategic human capital, having a specialization by customer type or cost leadeship, while definitely more difficult to replicate, are still seen frequently among top performing pubic and privately-owned firms.

At Altis Capital, we invest a great deal of time thinking about economic moat — specifically our business strategy, capital allocation (debt and equity), and leveraged tacit and explicit knowledge. These certainly serve to strengthen our brand's economic moat and are not easily imitable, but the two most strategic competitive advantages at the core of our economic moat are our focus on relationships and experience.

People and their personal journey with our brand are  our first priority. Altis Capital is family-owned business. It always has been. People who engage with us never get the feeling "it's just business". We manifest a sense of community and family, act in ernest for our stakeholders, and pursue lifelong relationships. In the real estate investment and development business, relationships and experience are rarely at a business' core. If you have not yet personally experienced what it's like to invest, collaborate or work alongside side us, we invite you to reach out.


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Developers who implement modern technology can reduce costs and increase returns. Leveraging real estate management technology designed specifically for the real estate developers not only improves efficiency put also employee, contractor and partner satisfaction. Everyone wants a professional experience similar to their own lifestyle — online, on-demand, and self-service.

According to ReportLinker, whose analysts have been monitoring the global family entertainment center market say it is poised to grow by $21.05 billion between 2022-2026, accelerating at a CAGR of 12.29% during the forecast period. They say market growth is driven by expansion of AEI, increasing physical activity in arcade gaming, and surging disposable income in the emerging countries.

Constructing a sports facility comes with its own set of unique challenges. From design and timing of delivery to precision requirements for everything from surfaces and lighting to dimensions and even spectator seating, large sports facility construction demands the right partner. A development group with knowledge of sports facility architecture design, the unique needs of sporting venues and experience delivering a structure that matches the unique needs of the sports business that will operate in the new space. Altis Capital excels at sports facility development and is always looking for opportunities to help gym owners realize their big league dreams.

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