April 7, 2022

North Little Rock is Up to Something


Kelly Rader-Murphy

The North Little Rock (NLR) Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is up to something good. They’re laser focused on tourism growth and their local economy, which is currently booming. What this group also knows is that people who visit their neck of the woods every year spend more than $480 million dollars. And because they rake in all that cheddar from far and away, it saves local NLR households a whopping $314.49 in county taxes and $700.49 in state taxes every year too. That’s a lot of Cheddar, and Swiss, and American. 

This quaint historic suburb on the edge of Little Rock boasts a beloved Old Mill, beams with family values and has loads of family activities like music festivals, air shows, farmers markets and barrel rolls of other down home fun. They’ve even got their own local scavenger hunt and social media campaign hashtag — #ExploreNLR. 

Altis Capital loves Arkansas tourism too, and has has big plans for some brand spanking new destinations in North Little Rock sure to make this convention & visitors bureau must-see lists and guides. We’re counting on NLR to be up to something from the era of Prohibition. 


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